Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I spent some time this afternoon exploring another presentation tool, this one is called "explain everything". I ended up downloading the app on my iPad and I recorded a mini-lesson. I found this to be extremely easy to work with and very beneficial for math. I need to work on some features of the program (such as making the presentation more exciting), but I am happy with what I have so far. I am planning to use this "mini-lesson" with my classes tomorrow. It is a review, so if it is an epic fail at least I didn't waste too much time. My plan is to have the students watch the video independently, at their own pace. They will have the same guided note sheet as the recording and will be able to write exactly what I write.  Students will be able to rewind and replay as much as they want.

After the lesson I created a google form, with this form I can easily gather data regarding the students thoughts/emotions/suggestions. I am excited to report back tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Jen,
    I am curious to see how you make out collecting data- good luck!

  2. It was a success!!! The students seemed to like the video and note taking. It is beneficial that I type my own note sheets so I can match the video exactly to what the students see in front of them. Students liked that they could pause, rewind, and restart whenever they needed. I have posted a new blog post with some screen shots of their response from the google survey included in the lesson.

    In the future, I am thinking that I might do all review lessons in this format. Many concepts in Algebra 2 build on what is taught in Algebra 1. Whenever there is an Algebra 1 lesson that needs to be touched upon I could record the notes and let the students watch/learn at their own pace. This also allows them to watch in other locations (home, the library, etc.)